Going out on a date is not that easy as it sounds (if you finally had the courage to ask her out that is). It needs a lot of thought put in to it as well as effort. Perhaps random and sporadic things could keep her entertained for a while but there is an art to it and you must know the basics.
• Your Research
Well research does not equal stalking. It means you are interested in finding out things about her and this will save a lot of time on mistakes that you could have made. Every individual is different and their preferences, viewpoints, opinions and dislikes vary. It is up to you to slowly figure out what kind of a person she is, what she likes and dislikes and so on and so forth.
• Try out delicious food
Don’t stick to the same routine. Change the routine and break it. If you always ate at fancy western restaurants take her to a Thai restaurant or a place where you can experience a different cuisine. The diversification matters because it might be boring to go eat at the same place or try the same cuisine over and over again. The excitement of doing something new is something we all love and if we can combine it with something that we absolutely adore (that’s food of course) then that’s even better!
• Ask for her opinion
Ladies like it when you take the effort to ask them what they want to do and what they think of something. Ask her whether she would like to do something new with you. It’s not asking permission it’s called respecting another person’s opinions.
• Don’t be too romantic
Just be yourself. Romance is good but if you try to overdo it then it might lose its effectiveness. It’s not a crime to discuss little things in life or to have a deep conversation about something you are passionate about. Al that matters is being yourself and being comfortable around each other.
• Voice your mind
Don’t be afraid to discuss things with her and don’t be afraid to voice an opinion contradictory to hers. You don’t always have to agree with everything. If you keep pretending that you agree just sore that you can secure a relationship things may go smooth at the initial stage but later on when you mature in your relationship the contrast in opinions an come to surface and that itself could be a point where your relationship may breakdown. Get to know her while you are dating and express your views then and there. It will enable you to figure out whether you both match and would save you a lot of heartache than finding out later in the relationship.