There are hundreds of businesses you can start with a low investment. Here are some of the ideas which can help you to start a small business.Baking:

If you have a hobby of baking cakes, then you can open a small bakery service at your home. Freshly baked products are really tasty and rare. If you can bake well, then aware your neighbours about that business; they will buy all your items because this has a regular demand. You have to buy some appliances like oven; refrigerator pans etc. but these will cost not much. If you will get a good feedback from your customers then you can make it large. You can also set a food centre using hospitality kitchen design Melbourne service. 

A catering business or a food centre is always in demand, provided you can meet the requirements of your customers. Give your customers, new recipes, tasty as well healthy dishes. Make sure the interior of your store is comfortable as well as so that customers can dine there comfortably. For a killer interior, you can hire hospitality kitchen design services.

Affiliate marketing:

This is a business which you can start with a small planning and low investment. In this business you do not have to make any product and you will just be medium between the seller and the buyer. And in this process of marketing you will earn commission. You have to set up a website where the buyer and the seller will meet and make transaction by using a payment gateway, which is also very secure. You do not need any office and you can operate this business from your home. Look here for further information regarding commercial kitchens.

Animal feed production:

Animal feed production is also a very profitable business with a small investment. People need their nutrition and they eat animal like chicken, turkey, eggs etc. The market needs a never-ending supply. And this is also a business which can be operatedfrom home; you just have to set up a farm and feed the animals well. Make a good relationship with the dealers and wholesalers and they will distribute the animals from your farm.


This is a business where you should keep patience and this is more likely for women or teenagers business than for men. In this job you should be responsible because you are going to take responsibilities for a baby and you have to take care of him or her like changing the diaper, bathing etc. Tell your friends or neighbours that you are going to start a business and also tell that you like kids. But you have to earn skills because all babies are not same- some are really annoying- so you have to bear that how to handle them.


This is an online business. If you like to share your experience and knowledge, then you can write blogs in your pastime.