Hong Kong is one of the beautiful cities in the whole world offering great foods, unique attractions and excellent shopping options. The whole city is surrounded by luxurious shops, five-star hotels, large mansions and lots of historical places.

You have to do so many things in Hong Kong. But if you are planning to enjoy the place in 24 hours, then you have to proceed with proper planning. Also, make sure you have enough knowledge about the food joints of the place. To enjoy pizzas, you can find best pizza central food corners. Similarly, for local and authentic foods, you can search such an eatery offering authentic dishes.

Here are some things to do in 24 hours in Hong Kong. 1. First what you need to do to secure your lodging. This you can do it in your hotel. If you compare this city in expense, you will find that this city is highly expensive. But there is nothing to worry as you can secure your room in a budget hotel. Get a room by doing bargaining and try to make the price lower than 100$ and then keep your baggage in the room to go for a nice walk. You can also visit an eatery to snack on unique dishes. There are some really nice best pizza central restaurants that offer you delicious pizzas.2. Then go to visit Dim Sum. It is one of the most attractive places in Hong Kong. 3. You can also visit Ocean Park, an amusement park. And it will provide amusement to both your child and you. Here you can have several rides which are really enjoyable. Besides, you will have the view of wild animals. 4. Next, you can go to Victoria Peak. It is a really nice place, and here you can soothe your eyes with the scenic view of the beautiful fountain. 5. Hong Kong Disneyland is another place you would like to see. Here you will have different thematic lands full of cartoon characters and your child will enjoy this park a lot. This is one of the biggest amusement parks in Hong Kong, so don’t miss it. 6. Your next destination should be Tian Tan Buddha. Here you can see an ancient Buddha statue which is situated on Hill top. It is considered one of the best historical places in Hong Kong. Here you will have the atmosphere of chastity and silence. Visiting this place will bring a peace in your mind. 7. If you are in Hong Kong how you can forget to see the Clock Tower? It is one of the biggest clocks situated in Hong Kong.