When it comes to marriage parties the food is the main highlight. Hence, there are many things you need to do in order to ensure that you got the right caterer for your big day. If you have several events lined up for your wedding, you would want the food to be of similar standards. Hence, it would work well when you have the same catering service to get the food for all the events. Here are some ways you can shortlist a catering service for your big day.

Start with references

When it comes to food,you need to go with personal experiences. Hence, more than looking up online directories, it would be wise to look up catering services whose food you have experienced. You could confer with your partner to come up with names of caterers whose food and service you have experienced at wedding receptions. That could be a start in order to decide on a few possible names.

Seek quotes

Once you have a few probable names on your list you could look up the contact numbers and start dialing. It would be good to have a sketchy idea of the kind of menu you wish to have on your wedding at function rooms Prahran. On the basis of the same you can ask for quotes from the caterers on your list. Once you have found the caterers who offer rates similar to the budget you have in mind, you can then take it further.

Ask for trials

Many catering services offer a tasting session of their food offerings. If you are opting to go for a catering service whose service you have not experienced before, it would be wise to optfor a tasting session. Most wedding caterers offer such a session for free. This will help you understand how the food would be, the level of service and professionalism you can expect from a catering service.

Different options

Nowadays, many hotels offer an integrated banquet and food catering service. That makes it an all inclusive offering. However, if you are picky about the kind of food and quality of menu, it would be wise to ask for a food tasting session nonetheless. Once that is something you are satisfied with, you would be more amenable to go along with the banquet service as well as accommodation offers. It would be surely a bargain to find a reliable venue that offers all of this at a price and quality that you could only dream of. It would surely make your wedding a dream affair.