Most of us have organizing parties down to a science. Even planning and hosting birthday parties, something that takes a little more planning, can become less chaotic after a while. But those sudden party occasions can catch almost anyone unaware; especially if it’s for kids. If you have to plan a party for you kids in a rush, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, the below tips and suggestions are just for you…!

  • This is not one of those moments when you do everything by yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask for a little help; and to use shortcuts whenever possible. The extra pairs of hands when organizing the party and even on the day of the party can be more useful than you think.
  • Try to start organizing the party by deciding on the theme. Since it’s a shot notice party, don’t try to think too big. Go for simple themes that are tried and tested. Depending on the age of your child, you can even get their help to decide on the theme. Once this is decided, and the date is set, go about inviting your guests. Remember, this is the age of the internet. Send out your invitations the modern way!
  • Now deal with the sweet table and the food. Rather than going for a cake, go for cupcakes, as they can be ordered even in short notice. With the help of lolly suppliers or a sweet shop, find the correct sweets that will enhance your theme. Likewise, decide on a simple menu when it comes to the food. Finger foods are the least complicated, in our humble opinion, and merge rather well with messy kids.
  • While a short visit to the lolly shop and a caterer might have helped you decide on the food, don’t forget that you need to serve drinks too. Keep the choices simple. If you are concerned for your carpets and upholstery, try to serve drinks that don’t create a huge damage—even if spilled. Flavored water works remarkably well for both adults and kids.
  • Kids don’t really notice decorations. Instead of worrying about elegant decorations to awe your guests, think simple and fun. Balloons and fairy lights are a sure winner. And it’s always fun when you can use your decorations for games as well. Remember, you can use toys as decorations too!
  • If there’s not enough time to hire party equipment; don’t sweat it. Even simple things like a few bubble guns can keep kids occupied for a long time. All you need to do is “make it magical” with the help of your imagination…