When you think of your wedding day, that really looks like a big deal as it’s a day that you will be inviting over to so many of your friends and family and you really need that ceremony to run smoothly and exciting as possible, not only for you but also for all the guests that you call in. There are so many things to think through and plan prior to really holding the event as it’s a lot of work. Starting from choosing a place or a location to your event up until the point you serve food, play good music and the offering a good variety plus range of cake really is something. Apart to the fact that you think over the hospitality that you need to offer to your guests, you also want to look good and your crew to look quite presentable on that day.

Along with you, the food, the wedding cakes and location comes the décor that gives the first impression of your wedding as guests walk into the hall. This content will give you some ideas on how to decide what kind of decoration you want to go with for your big day. Sometimes it is acceptable and normal for you to panic and not know what exactly you want to do with your location. We all have a small plan or idea of how our ceremony should look like but after choosing the outfits or location, we might be doubt whether the décor will actually blend in well.

The first thing to do when you are in doubt is slowly think through the kind of theme you want to go with. Look at a night restaurant and see the kind of seating arrangements it has and the lighting, they are designed in a way to give the cool night feeling with probably fairy lights or dim lights and on the contrary look at a birthday cake shops Auckland that’s only open during the day. They focus more on the colours and daylight setting to work on their location. So you really need to go to your location and see the lighting and how it looks like in deciding the décor.

If it’s a garden ceremony, you can go with barns theme and add in lot of florals and if it’s a beach wedding, you can mix in some nice shades of blues to give the beach vibes and also depending on whether it is a night or day function, the décor has to be in different colours. These are some of the things you might have to think through before going ahead with a décor you just saw somewhere and it’s all about blending well with you and the location.